Sterling parallel parked earlier this evening, solo, at the Stop & Shop Plaza. Twice. I wept.

Parallel parking has never been one of my talents. I’m more inclined to drive around the block as many times as it takes to find an easier parking solution. And here is Sterling, doing it like he was made to do it.

Sterling is my new Ford Escape. His window sticker tells me that his color is Ingot Silver. Hence “Sterling”.

Sterling has (among other wonderful features) parking assist. All I have to do is push a button, put him in “R”, and take my hands off the wheel.

The first time he did it I was so overwhelmed that I started to cry. What a country.

There are a lot of things I don’t understand. The concept of grounding electricity (don’t try, thanks). Setting a pick in basketball. How young children learn that weigh/way and bare/bear (among many other word combinations) sound the same.

How in hell did Sterling learn to park himself? I know it probably has to do with radar. How did someone way smarter than I am figure out how to make it all happen? It doesn’t matter.

I wasn’t built with a technologyish brain. It’s OK. I respect that you get it and appreciate that you respect me even though I don’t.

(Note: Sterling replaces Abe the Lincoln, who came to live with us a month ago. As promised I took Abe for bagels but not to the gym. I took him to a wedding but not to church. I took him to Maine but not to the Cape. I hope I made him happy while we were together. It’s a sedan versus an SUV thing. I missed the headlighting and the view more than I thought I would.)




About pennywrites

This is my third blog. The first covered what I thought would be my hardest battle. The second blog covered the journey that made the first seem trivial. This time I write because I can, not because I have to or need to.
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