“The Story Teller” Introduced

I am pleased to announce that I am expanding my work as a Justice of the Peace to include memorial and eulogy writing.

I planned to launch this service in another month or so, when I could update my web site (pennyrichardsjp.com). But in this time of self-quarantine and social distancing, families are limited as to the number of people you can include at funeral services. Helping you share your loved one’s story is more important now than ever.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone is a ‘Story Teller.’ I have been telling stories for years, as an award-winning journalist and more recently as a Justice of the Peace. I have written and shared with their guests the stories of more than 200 brides’ and grooms’ journey from first acquaintance to their moment of “I do.”

Over the last eight years I have also conducted wedding vow renewals, baby naming, and baby welcoming ceremonies. I have experience writing memorial messages, including eulogies for two of the most important people in my life – my father and my daughter. It is a natural next step for me to formally extend my writing to help share life stories for families and friends who are saying goodbye to a loved one.

Many people have the desire to share their feelings in times of immense sadness but are reluctant to do so for different reasons. It may be a perceived inability to put words on paper or not knowing what to say or how to say it.

Others may wish to craft their own stories to be shared at the time of their passing. Many want to tell their stories in their own words. I can help them prepare their stories to be shared with family and friends when they depart this world and make the journey to the next.

I know how difficult it is to cope with loss. I would like help you tell the story of your loved one during a difficult and sad time.

For the foreseeable future, we can work by phone and over email. Once this crisis is over I will be happy to meet with families in person and at their convenience.

Let us work together to tell the story of someone who meant so much and share with others the importance of a life well-lived.

Please call 978-815-4339 or email pennyjrichards@gmail.com. My web site will be updated shortly.

About pennywrites

This is my third blog. The first covered what I thought would be my hardest battle. The second blog covered the journey that made the first seem trivial. This time I write because I can, not because I have to or need to.
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